Almost everyone in school now is apart of extracurricular activities. With more activities that means less time. Student-athletes have to work their school schedules around their busy football schedule. For example, in the season they might have weights at 6:00 AM and then class after until 3:00 PM with film and practice right after until around 7:00 PM. After all of this they eat dinner and have to get ready for the next day and this doesn’t leave enough quality time to study.


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This has become a growing trend for most people today because of all the new different clubs starting up in school. To get into a big college they might require you to be in a variety of groups while in high school. Whether that be band, cheerleading, chess, newspaper and many different others. Joining groups like these are a great way to further your horizons but you are losing a lot of the time you have for other things.

Senior year comes to you faster than you think and you have to start working on college applications and getting ready to move on with your life.  Time will be scarce during your senior year and problems can occur in the process.

Don’t be worried because there are some things you can do to assure that will stay on top of your studies. The EasyMath app was created to help people understand math in a much more cost-effective way. The app is running solely on your phone which makes it easy for on the go learning. The best thing for people who are in clubs though is the fact that they will receive help in three minutes or less no matter the time of day or year. You might be getting out of a meeting at 12:00 A.M and you still need to work on math homework but you have no clue where to start. All you have to do is open the app and send a picture of the question. In three minutes or less you will have a tutor helping you with that question.

This app was created for busy students by busy students. If you are every worried about not having enough time to get help just remember EasyMath has your back.